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CIFFA Certificate Programs

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Freight forwarders plan and execute shipments by all modes of transport. They are responsible for researching routes, rates, and carriers, providing quotes to customers, making arrangements for shipments, monitoring shipments, and managing transportation documentation. Freight forwarders work closely with shippers, consignees, carriers, warehouses, packaging companies, financial institutions, and government agencies. Freight forwarders collaborate with these parties to ensure that freight is delivered in accordance with the contract and applicable country regulations.

To acquire and maintain the knowledge and skill required to execute such tasks, CIFFA offers the following educational programs and accreditations:

  1. The CIFFA Certificate: Comprises two courses, International Transportation and Trade, and Essentials of Freight ForwardingBoth courses must be completed within three calendar years to receive the CIFFA Certificate.

Who should enroll…This program is designed to meet the education needs of two main groups:  Individuals who are new to the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries and need to acquire new skills and knowledge to become more employable; and those who are currently working in the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries, but wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge to advance their career.

  1. The CIFFA Advanced Certificate program introduces students to more sophisticated disciplines and complexities of freight forwarding and the global supply chain. To be awarded the CIFFA Advanced Certificate, students must hold the CIFFA Certificate and complete both the Specialized Freight Services and Supply Chain Management and Marketing programs within three calendar years.

Who should enroll… students who wish to acquire advanced skills and knowledge above and beyond what was taught in the CIFFA Certificate program.

All CIFFA Certificate programs:

  • are FIATA accredited and count toward your FIATA Diploma
  • are accredited by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council
  • are written and taught by industry professionals with real-world knowledge and experience
  • combine theory, practical exercises, and case studies relevant in day-to-day operations.

For your added convenience, CIFFA offers flexible study options to suit your schedule – Online On Demand and the Virtual Classroom.


Online On Demand


Virtual Classroom


How do I study? Independently and completely online with no instructor. Review printed textbook, with access to online lessons and exercises, AND attend a scheduled weekly webinar.
Do I have an instructor? No, you are studying independently. Yes, during the weekly scheduled live webinars where you can interact with fellow classmates and instructor. These weekly webinars are recorded and can be accessed at any time.
When do I start? Anytime, but you have 4 months to complete the program. Register today, Start tomorrow Scheduled start in September and January, each year.
What kind of support do I get?
  • Access to online textbook (printed textbook can be purchased separately)
  • Access to online workbook, exercises, and exams
  • Recorded webinar sessions
  • Weekly scheduled live webinars
  • Online lessons and exercises
  • Access to instructors with specialized knowledge and experience

The FIATA Diploma:  Students with the CIFFA Advanced Certificate, recognized by FIATA as equivalent to the FIATA diploma, and are employed in a freight forwarding capacity, may apply to FIATA for the internationally recognized diploma through CIFFA.  Click here for more information 

The Professional Freight Forwarder (PFF):  Combine your experience as a Freight Forwarder and your desire to continue to learn and educate yourself in the industry and achieve your Professional Freight Forwarder designation.  Click here to learn more.

If you would like to know more about your educational career options or about the CIFFA Certificate or the CIFFA Advanced Certificate, feel free to contact CIFFA at education@ciffa.com.

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