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CIFFA Young Freight Forwarder Award


The applicant must:

  • Be between 18 and 32 years of age.  Therefore, if the candidate is about to reach his/her 33rd birthday, this must be in the year of the competition (i.e. the candidate’s 33rd birthday must be after January 1, 2016).
  • Have worked as a full-time Freight Forwarder for at least two (2) years is preferred.
  • Hold a CIFFA Certificate in International Freight Forwarding.
  • Submit an Application Form, and a Letter of Recommendation from senior management at their current employer (including a verification of the applicant’s date of birth).

Applicant Instructions

    1. Send an e-mail indicating your interest in participating in the Award by October 10, 2016.  Full contact details must be included AND your date of birth.
    2. Send your Application Form and Letter of Recommendation, via e-mail by October 30, 2016.
    3. Submit your fully completed dissertation, in ONE PDF document, via e-mail by November 30, 2016.
      • Your complete dissertation in ONE PDF document is to be in THREE easily identifiable parts:
        • Part 1 is a ONE page summary.  Ensure your name is on the page.
        • Part 2 is the dissertation itself.  Approximately 1,500 words in length, double-spaced (not including any attachments).  Ensure there is a title page, and your name is on each page.
        • Part 3 is the attachments, documents, photos, etc.  Attachments are not to exceed 10 pages.  Ensure there is a title page, and your name is on each page.

NOTE:  If your complete dissertation is not sent in ONE PDF document, with THREE easily identifiable parts, as specified above, it will be rejected.

4. Additionally, the CIFFA award winner must agree to have herself/himself put forward as Canada’s candidate to the International Young Freight Forwarder of the Year Award and to complete an additional dissertation.

Dissertation Details for 2016 (TBA)

Applications, dissertations, or any questions must be directed to:  ciffa@ciffa.com

CIFFA Young Freight Forwarder of the Year

Every year CIFFA sponsor a Young Freight Forwarder of the Year Award, to acknowledge the young individual in our industry who exemplifies the education, skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become an exceptional International Freight Forwarder of the future. This prestigious award is a stepping stone for younger individuals to gain recognition and status in the Canadian Freight Forwarding industry, that cannot otherwise be gained without significant time in the industry. The following is a list of the Young Freight Forwarder of the year winners who have also participated in the international competition:

2016 – Evgeny Kapustin of DSV Air & Sea Inc.

2015 – Kaya Karakaya of DB Schenker Inc.

2014 – Douglas Whitlock of Panalpina Inc.

2013 – Kal Petrov of Panalpina

2012 – Salman Ali of ITN Logistics

2011 – Paramjit Jandu of MELLOHAWK Logistics Inc.

2010 – Claudia Ramirez of DHL Global Forwarding ( Canada) Inc. , Claudia was recognized as a runner-up for the international Award at the FIATA Congress in Bangkok.

2009 – Claudia Milena giraldo Sanchez of MELLOHAWK Logistics Inc.

2008 – Elvia Liliana Ordaz Huesca of Ecu Line Canada Inc.

2007 – Siva Vankineni of Logistics Plus Canada, Siva was declared the 2007 International Young Freight Forwarder of the Year, at the FIATA World Congress in Dubai.

2006 – Pamela Rooney of DHL Global Forwarding (Canada)

2005 – Alicia Chin of DHL Global Forwarding (Canada) Inc., Alicia was declared the 2005 International Young Freight Forwarder of the Year, at the FIATA World Congress in Moscow.

To see the winners’ biographies, please click here. To read our interviews with Pamela and Alicia please click here.

CIFFA Canadian Award

The CIFFA Canadian Award winner will receive $1500.00 cash award.

International Award

The CIFFA award winner must agree to have herself/himself put forward as Canada’s candidate to the International Young Freight Forwarder of the Year Award, sponsored by the TT Club, FIATA, and IATA. The International winner will receive a prize total of approximately $20,000.00 (estimated) including a paid trip to the FIATA World Congress and trips to participate in various training programs around the world. The International Award winner will receive:

  • a trophy engraved with the name of the winner and held in the TT Club office in London (the winner will be given a personal trophy to keep); and
  • FIATA will arrange for the winner to participate in their Annual World Congress of the applicable year, all expenses paid; and
  • two weeks’ practical experience of transport infrastructure (multi-modal) which is likely to include visits to container terminals, airfreight terminals, ports, surveyors’ offices, etc. based in one of the three TT Club regional centres (Hong Kong, London or New Jersey). The steering group will decide which region will provide the most benefit to the winner; and
  • one week’s training on Legal and Insurance Aspects of Transport, organised by the TT Club, and held in London; and
  • one week’s training on air cargo provided by IATA (held at the nearest IATA training location to the home-town of the winner); and
  • one year’s free subscription to International Transport Journal in English, French or German.

The candidate for the International Award, must also agree to write a more detailed follow-up dissertation of of the topic submitted at the time of appilcation, to be submitted to the CIFFA by April 15 of the applicable year. This dissertation may be submitted in English.

The Dissertation Topic Varies From Year to Year

Details for submission and form of the International Award contest will be given in time to the Winner of the Canadian contest. N.B. Failure to submit the required dissertation in time for inclusion for the International Award will result in the loss of any award given in the Canadian contest. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge and abilities in a global environment. These prestigious awards will provide you with world-wide industry recognition, enhancement of your career, and personal and professional growth. CIFFA strongly encourages you to consider applying for these extremely beneficial awards. All the best in meeting this challenge.

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