Freight Forwarder’s Role in Transportation

‘Trade has long been a powerful engine for Canada’s economy. Canadian jobs and prosperity depend on the business we do with other countries. In fact, trade is equivalent to more than 60 percent of our country’s GDP and one in five Canadian jobs is related to exports.”[i]

As a vital component of Canada’s global supply chain, member firms of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) facilitate the movement of goods around the world. Freight forwarders provide a vital link in Canada’s global supply chains, enhancing export capabilities and assisting in the delivery of competitive solutions to Canada’s importing and exporting communities.

Freight forwarding is all about the smooth flow of international trade.

The freight forwarder is the party who ensures that internationally traded goods move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive:

  • At the right place,
  • At the right time,
  • In good order and condition,
  • At the most economic cost.

CIFFA Regular Freight Forwarding Members

Only regular members are allowed to display the CIFFA logo and to operate business under the CIFFA STCs, bringing the integrity and authority of the CIFFA brand to customer relationship. Click here for a list of CIFFA members: Regular Members

[1] source: Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada