CP presents network capacity update, winter plan at CP-CIFFA breakfast event

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CP and CIFFA held a breakfast event October 30 at which the CP provided a multi-faceted presentation to update attendees about CP’s services and its Winter Contingency Plan.

CIFFA Executive Director Bruce Rodgers opened the session with a brief discussion of CIFFA’s mission, the benefits of membership, an overview of course offerings and of the association’s strategic initiatives. Public Affairs Manager Julia Kuzeljevich discussed CIFFA’s advocacy initiatives.

On hand from CP were Jordan Kajfasz, AVP International Intermodal and Automotive, Marie Wu, Director of Marketing and Pricing, and Val Kucherenko, Pricing and Marketing International, from the railway’s International Intermodal Team, and Rob Nichols, MD, from Domestic Intermodal.

The following is a summary of the presentation.