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Essentials of Freight Forwarding
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Essentials of Freight Forwarding

Understanding how buyers and sellers manage risk with a variety of international payments, cargo insurance, properly completed commercial documents and export packaging leads students to where they can offer professional costing and quoting and alternative solutions to their clients. 

Certificates of completion are provided to students completing International Freight Forwarding Courses.

NOTE: The Virtual Classroom version of the course includes a copy of the e-textbook (which is downloadable on up to three device, fully searchable, and has text-to-speech capability). If students would prefer the printed textbook, it can be purchased directly from CIFFA for an additional fee.

Locations: Online Virtual Classroom
Exam Location: Online
Certificate : CIFFA Certificate provided on completion of this course and International Transportation and Trade
Final passing grade (%) : 70
Certificate Expiry : N/A

Successful completion of International Transportation and Trade is recommended.  

Schedule & Topics:

This Online Virtual Classroom session begins in January 2021. To start the course before then please consider our Online On Demand option.

Recorded lectures, taught by CIFFA certified instructors and subject matter experts, will be released once a week for review by students.  

Students will attend scheduled live online sessions led by CIFFA certified instructors where they can ask questions in a live chat, interact with fellow students and participate in quizzes, break out groups, and other interactive activities administered during the virtual classroom sessions.

Students are provided with access to online lessons, exercises, and a downloadable e-textbook to complement their learning.

Students are expected to complete all online lessons and exercises and attend all live sessions.


  • Start date: 5 January 2021
  • End date: 5 April 2021
  • Classes: Tuesdays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST


  • International Payments
  • Export Packaging and Warehousing
  • Commercial Documentation
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Cargo Security and Dangerous Goods
  • Costing and Quoting
  • Alternative Methods of Transportation
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify various methods of international payment and the risks to the exporter and importer in each
  • Describe the role of each party involved in the successful execution of a letter of credit
  • Identify types of letter of credit and their usage
  • Identify terminology, definitions and documents contained in UCP 600
  • Interpret the conditions on a letter of credit
  • Complete commercial documents
  • Identify types and suitability of packaging for shipments moved by ocean and air
  • Identify the types of warehouses available and their effective layout and design to improve efficiencies
  • Complete step-by-step procedures for successful insurance claims handling, including timing and documentation requirements
  • Review case studies that illustrate the importance of shipping alternatives
  • Prepare a quotation for multimodal movements and calculate the profit/loss for the shipment
  • Identify security weaknesses in the supply chain
  • Identify dangerous goods
Target Audience:

This course is primarily designed to meet the education needs of two main groups: Individuals who are new to the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries and need to acquire new skills and knowledge to become more employable, and those who are currently working in the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries, but wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge to advance their career.

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