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Letters of Credit
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Letters of Credit

This interactive workshop: Highlights & clarifies the basic terminology & procedures involved with different methods of payment used in international trade, Guides participants through the steps from “sales agreement” to “receipt of funds”, Workshops Letters of Credit including electronic data transmission and most frequent errors Attendees will: participate in an interactive classroom style of instruction based on question and answer, reinforce new learning in practical, small group workshops, return to the workplace fully trained on Documentary Credits and prepared to put their knowledge to practical use.

IMPORTANT: You will require speakers or headphones to hear the instructor. Please have your headset or speakers plugged in Before you click the link below.  

This Webinar is hosted over two 1.5-hour sessions over a two-day period.

Locations: Online
Exam Location: No Exam
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Final passing grade (%) : N/A
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Schedule & Topics:

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm ET 

Role and Responsibilities of Buyer, Seller, Logistics Service Provider, Banks, Terminology, definitions and documents including UCP 600, Drafts, Collection Letters, Complete “step by step” instructions and procedures for successful negotiations, Risks, rewards, dangers and pitfalls

Learning Objectives:
Reduction in errors -- fewer bank penalties, Reduced costs, Faster and more efficient processing of LC transactions
Target Audience:
International Freight Forwarders: Export managers, supervisors, and all employees involved in exporting. Customer Service, Sales personnel, Customs other logistics service providers who guide or advise clients. Canadian Exporters & Importers: Management and personnel involved in International Sales, Purchasing, Procurement, Finance, Logistics.

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