FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding

CIFFA’s International Freight Forwarding courses have been validated by FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarding Association’s) based in Zurich, Switzerland, and have been deemed as exceeding FIATA’s requirements for Vocational Training.

If FIATA deems that you meet their educational requirements, you may be eligible to receive the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding. There are many benefits to receiving this Diploma.

There is a fee of CAD $250.00, payable to CIFFA to apply on your behalf. The applicant must complete the required Application Form and send it to CIFFA. Then the applicant will be invoiced for the CAD $250.00 as the application is being processed. CIFFA will then handle all the administration between the applicant and FIATA. The fee for the  FIATA e-certificate option is $70.00.


 It has been our experience, that the process takes several MONTHS, from the time of CIFFA’s receipt of payment and Application Form, to the time the FIATA Diploma is sent to the recipient.

Benefits of acquiring the FIATA Diploma by vocational training

– The successful applicant obtains a unique and world-wide, well known distinction of the industry.

– The FIATA Diploma has an excellent reputation in the industry.

– The course material is based on training programmes validated by FIATA.

– Despite the international character the applicant can pass the examinations with the National Association of his country.

– It can be easily combined with already existing National Training courses.

Completed applications should be sent to

To apply for the FIATA Diploma click here.