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Ever Wonder What Freight Forwarders Do?

Toronto, Ont July 31, 2015

rblkogWe want everyone to ask the question, because we have the answer. The future of our sector, the young people embarking today on post-secondary education and just starting to think about their careers, probably are not thinking ‘freight forwarding’ as a career of choice.  They don’t even know to ask the question, let alone have any idea of the skills and competencies needed to succeed in a career in global logistics or how to get from where they are today to ‘there’.

During the thirty some years I’ve worked as a freight forwarder, introducing myself and my work at countless social events, invariably I receive a quizzical look and the question ‘What kind of forester?” “No, no”, I reply.  “Not a forester.  A freight forwarder!” As CIFFA’s Executive Director I find myself again explaining the role of the freight forwarder.  Now, however, I’m explaining the finer nuances of the work of international freight forwarding to senior policy wonks at the Canada Border Services Agency or Transport Canada.  Or I’m speaking with terminal operators or business association managers who have only some vague idea of the role of the international freight forwarder.  I’ve even started referring to “global logistics service providers” or “global freight logistics providers” or my old favourite “architects of transportation solutions”.

Every chance I get, however, I show our video, “Ever Wonder What Freight Forwarders Do?” which answers the question with a few energetic examples.  I encourage you to share this link with the young and not so young.

Most importantly, I use CIFFA’s new tag line to explain the role of the freight forwarder.  Our role has evolved to so much more than moving goods and information from one place to another.  Our role is about trade facilitation; about making international trade easier, faster, and more efficient.