CIFFA Letter to CBSA in Support of Export Exam Pilot

CIFFA Letter to CBSA in Support of Export Exam Pilot

April 20, 2015
Mr. Johny S. Prasad
Director, Programs Branch
Canada Border Services Agency,
Government of Canada
By email to:

Subject: Export Examinations Pilot Project

Dear Johny;

On behalf of the association’s 250 member firms I wanted to reach out to you to express our support (and enthusiasm) for the pilot project which is being considered by the Canada Border Services Agency whereby export shipments would be examined at the ‘point of shipment origin’ rather than at the port of container loading.

CIFFA has been engaged in conversation with the CBSA since 2010, exploring how such a program might work. In response to a recent survey requesting expression of interest from our membership, some 20 freight forwarding companies from across the country answered positively and would like to be engaged in the pilot.
Certainly international freight forwarders are ideally situated to work on this pilot project. The warehouses where export shipments are gathered before they are loaded into a container for export are sufferance warehouses. The CBSA generally visits these facilities to conduct import commercial examinations. The facilities are located in common geographic areas around Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Most importantly, the costs in time and money that could be eliminated from the present examination model are significant.

Canadian exporters compete in a very competitive global environment and every delay and every dollar of additional cost affects our ability to grow exports. Many of the customers of freight forwarders are smaller and medium sized exporters who move their goods in consolidation with other small and medium sized Canadian exporters. It is these companies who bear the costs of container examination at the port of exit. A pilot project such as this one would be very much appreciated by Canada’s exporters – large and small.

We look forward to working with the CBSA as you develop this pilot.


H. Ruth Snowden
Executive Director

P. Hughes, National Customs Committee Chair
M. Jobin, Public Affairs Manager