Mandate of CIFFA’s Airfreight Committee

The mandate of the CIFFA airfreight committee is to maintain a powerful, pro-active national forum working on behalf of Canada’s international airfreight forwarders. It is to maintain ongoing dialogue with air carriers and their worldwide association IATA, to uphold and represent the interests of CIFFA member companies.

In recent years CIFFA has experienced a significant increase in the number of important issues confronting the airfreight industry.  To ensure proper and professional representation on these issues, the committee has structured Working Groups to address individual topics of concern such as CASS, agency issues, e-Freight, security, dangerous goods training, etc.  The committee is committed to the fulfillment of the following mandate:

  • To maintain on-going, meaningful dialogue between Canada’s international airfreight forwarders and airlines, in order to address and resolve mutual and individual issues of concern.
  • To solicit input from and distribute information to members.  To consult with FIATA and AFI, the Airfreight Institute, and to promote on-going dialogue with IATA.
  • To promote professionalism within the international airfreight industry and to communicate that professionalism to others in the industry, the user groups and the public sector.

Today, CIFFA is well recognized by air carriers, Transport Canada and other associations as the voice of the professional international airfreight forwarder in Canada.  We encourage all our regular and associate members to contact William Gottlieb, on any topic of interest or concern.