Mandate of CIFFA’s Seafreight Committee

From humble beginnings as a shipper’s agent, Today’s international freight forwarder is equally recognized as a ‘carrier’ when it enters into contracts of carriage with shippers by issuing its own (contract of carriage) marine or multimodal bill of lading such as the FIATA B/L. Whilst the distinction has created opportunities and benefits for the forwarder and their clientele, it has also created challenges in the commercial and legislative arenas. Even as an agent, the role of the international freight forwarder as a professional offering services for a fee has taken on a level of responsibility and liability far exceeding that which was envisioned in the past.

The CIFFA seafreight committee’s mandate is to protect and promote the interests of membership, active in the marine mode, and to inform and enlighten them on issues of concern, both regulatory and operational where these may impact their activities.

The CIFFA seafreight committee is chaired by Larry Palmer, Ocean Freight Trade Manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. He can be reached at mail to: