CIFFA Event Sponsorship

Gala Dinners: FCA BILThe Forwarders, Carriers, and Associates (FCA) Gala Dinner, celebrated annually in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, is the social event of the year. It is a formal occasion that brings together all CIFFA members and non-members for an opportunity to socialize and network. Well attended by hundreds of key industry decision makers, this inclusive event offers a great opportunity to promote your brand and services to the people that matter.

Sponsor Benefits Gold Plus ($3000) (only 1 sponsor for each gala dinner)* Gold *($1500) Silver *($1000) Bronze* ($350)
Pull-Up banner (displayed at the cocktail area) 2 1 No No
Complimentary Dinner Tickets 4 2 1 0
Prominent Positioning of Company Logo or Name on Menu Logo Logo Name None
PowerPoint Slide (Digital Ad) 2 1 1 1
Opportunity to address the gathering Yes No No No
Acknowledgement from podium Yes, with company logo Yes, with company logo Yes, with company logo Yes, name only
Company Logo Sign at a food station No Yes No No
Company Logo sign at table (1 at their table, not all tables) Yes Yes Yes No

* CIFFA Non-Member Pricing: +20% above stated prices.


Western Region
September 25, 2020
Central Region
May 14, 2020
Eastern Region
June 11, 2020
Jeff Haley
Jodie Wilson
Angelo Loffredi

Golf Tournaments: Another key social event is the golf tournament, held in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. A casual event with key industry players involved. After a round of golf, dinner and an awards ceremony is held to recognize the winners and draw for door prizes. The tournaments are also about THE COMMUNITY with each region donating to local charities and funding the CIFFA Scholarship program. Your sponsorship makes a huge difference in the success of the tournaments. (note that sponsors will need to bring their own signs).

Western (Vancouver) Central (Toronto) Eastern (Montreal)
Hole Sponsorship (sponsor needs to provide a hole prize) Prize Hole Sponsorship Hole Sponsorship (includes a hole prize)
Advertise Sign Only Sponsorship

* Pricing varies per location. Information is available when event is listed in the event calendar. CIFFA Non-Member Pricing: +20% above stated prices.


Western Region
July 9, 2020
Central Region
September 17, 2020
Eastern Region
September 25, 2020
Garry Mooney
Amit Arora
Angelo Loffredi

Graduation Ceremonies: Looking for an opportunity to meet freight forwarders in a small and intimate setting? Then consider sponsoring one or all of the graduation ceremonies. CIFFA graduates are mostly from CIFFA regular member firms with various years of experience in the industry. Sponsorship is LIMITED to one company for each level at each location to ensure you have time to meet and network among the CIFFA graduates and departmental managers.

Level 1 ($1000.00)* Level 2 ($500.00)*
Recognize company as sponsor of the event Yes Yes
List company as sponsor in the promotion of the graduation ceremony via eBulletin, eMarketing, and the CIFFA Events webpage Yes Yes
Distribute company literature or promotional item to all attendee Yes No
Allow 1 company pop-up sign in or out of the ceremony room Yes No
Digital ad Yes Yes
Present the George Kuhn and Job Nicoli Awards Yes No
Have a booth in or outside the graduation ceremony room Yes No

* CIFFA Non-Member Pricing: +20% above stated prices.


Western RegionJune 10, 2020
Central Region
June 4, 2020
Eastern Region
June 10, 2020

Madeleine Copp