Member-to-Member (M2M) Webinars

Do you have a service, a product or valuable information to share with the rest of the CIFFA membership while promoting your brand? Do you want to connect with interested members directly to promote your brand?

Member – to – Member Webinars (M2M) are designed to open direct communications from associate member firms to all members. It provides associate members a platform to communicate and offer product or service offerings through information sessions that have an immediate, tangible, and positive impact on members’ business.

Hosted on Adobe Connect, a web-based collaboration tool, the M2M Webinar is an interactive environment between the participants and the facilitator. The webinars are 40 minutes in length: (a 30 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A). This is a short and efficient way for members to share information with the CIFFA community. M2M webinars are recorded and posted on the CIFFA website to give your company an additional exposure and drive traffic to your website:

You will be provided with the contact list of webinar attendees.

The M2M Webinar is now open and accepting applications from CIFFA members who want to connect. Simply email me that you wish to host an M2M Webinar. We will then contact you with available dates and more details.

Date/Presenting Company Webinar Topic (Click to Register) Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF Format) Webinar Presentation Recording
March 27, 2019

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

Personal Group Home & Auto Insurance Program

Slides Video Link
Jun 19, 2019

Magaya Corporation

Learn about eCommerce Trends 2019
Jun 25, 2019

Lufthansa Cargo AG

Learn how helps prepare DG documentation easily
June 27, 2019


Never Pay Cross-Border Or International Wire Fees Again!

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Times: 12:00 – 12:40 (EDT)

Structure: Presentation 30 minutes; and Q&A 10 minutes.

Cost: $125.00 set-up fee

Medium: AdobeConnect

More info:

Contact me today to take a full advantage of your Associate Membership.


  1. Application: Please complete the application form and return by email to
  2. Review: CIFFA will review applications and approve based on the overall value/benefit regular members derive from attending the M2M Webinar.
  3. Announcement: 3 weeks prior to the event, announcement through eBulletin and/or eMarketing to drive registration.
  4. Registration: Registration open 3 weeks prior.
  5. Adobe Connect Training: An Adobe Connect training session should be conducted 1 week prior to the event to help the facilitator become familiar with the technology and run a smooth session.