Off-Peak Potential: A Targeted Objective in the Region of PeelOff-Peak Potential: A Targeted Objective in the Region of Peel

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A Guest Blog by Martin Kelly

The Region of Peel has recently announced an Off-Peak Delivery (OPD) pilot project and they are looking for business participation. The strategy is to keep it simple for shippers/receivers of goods through, for example, selecting logical pieces of full truck/container load business and shifting their current peak hours haulage to what would be off-peak (defined as 7 pm to 6 am). This could be specific customers or suppliers or specific lanes–it could simply be one major lane! The idea is to shift reasonable volumes to off-peak.

CIFFA members should note that although the pilot would accept a wide range of possibilities in the entire GTHA there is an objective to reduce congestion around Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and vicinity

We all have experienced congestion not only in Peel Region but right across the GTHA. Action is needed to put innovative ideas into motion in order to mitigate congestion. This OPD pilot is one concrete initiative to pilot changes, learn about the outcomes, and inform how to continue long term planning of the shared goods movement network. In almost every case study in cities around the world, virtually all had resounding success with OPD and observed cost savings and time savings related to travel and delivery times. Some case studies have also observed emissions reductions and benefits related to sustainability. The majority of these trials led to implementing long term strategies related to OPD. Organizations that participate in Peel’s first pilot project have the opportunity to participate in what will likely be a high profile pilot project.

Should businesses choose to participate, Peel staff are committed to working with you to plan customized OPD pilot plans, offer performance measurement resources, and recognize your company’s pilot achievements. All of this is a clear indication of how serious a lead Peel is taking!

Peel Region is leading the way for what will become more of a province-wide set of initiatives in goods movement. There are advantages for your early participation and championing this initiative, along with opportunities for real collaboration with like-minded businesses.

In June 2017, Peel Region, Partners in Project Green, and me hosted a webinar to discuss the OPD Pilot Project and elicit business interest. You can find the webinar here:

Peel’s Regional Council is committed to improving goods movement for the 2015-2018 Term of Council. The implementation of an OPD pilot project is one initiative outlined in the Peel Region Goods Movement Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

Peel’s goods movement planning is led by the Peel Goods Movement Task Force which is comprised of business champions in Peel Region who understand the importance of goods movement. The Task Force is now into its second five (5) year fully approved and funded strategic plan and it can be found at


Peel Region is open to discussing what could best work for your company in this OPD Pilot Project and we urge you to please contact Elizabeth Bang, Principal Planner in Transportation Systems Planning, at 905-791-7800, extension 4694 or

Please also feel free to contact me, Martin Kelly, a logistics consultant who has over 40 years in the industry.


Martin Kelly

MRK Innovations