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Corporate Portal User Guide

 AGM (2)The Corporate Portal is an exciting new feature that allows members to control the information that is posted in the online and printed versions of the Membership Directory. Information such as the head and branch office addresses, logos, and contacts can be updated in the new portal. The portal permits members to manage employee lists by adding or removing employees; view and update their contact details; view an employee’s course history and progress on current enrollment; check and uncheck access to CIFFA’s daily eBulletin; and grant administrative rights to any employee so they can have access to the Corporate Portal. An additional feature that was designed specifically at the request of members is a group registration option for courses, with the ability to view, print and pay company invoices for membership, education, events and merchandise.

In order to access Corporate Portal you need to be assigned a Web-Editor or HR role. Each company has a designated ‘Web-Editor’ who can assign HR roles to anybody in your company in order for them to have access to the Corporate Portal.

Corporate Portal User Guide