Vocational Training – Investing in the Future of Our Employees

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This morning as I scrolled through the photos of the June CIFFA Certificate graduation events (Montreal ,  Vancouver  and Toronto) I was struck by an incredible sense of pride in the excellence of the training delivered to the sector on behalf of members.  And, I was stuck by a sense of gratitude that my staff and I have the privilege of continuing to develop and deliver world-class vocational training in subjects that matter to employers of today – and employees of tomorrow.

International Transportation and Trade, and Essentials of Freight Forwarding, the two courses that comprise the introductory Certificate program are tough.  Not every student succeeds. But those who dedicate the time and effort deserve the recognition they receive as holders of a CIFFA Certificate.

The content and structure have been built over the past 40 years by dedicated volunteers like George Kuhn, Job Nicolai, Craig McKay and more recently Paul Glionna; senior managers in the sector who know the knowledge and skills sets that their employees need for their companies to succeed.  It is a privilege that the association has been able to take the work of these and many other volunteers, to invest in specialized staff at the Secretariat and continue to build vocational training based on the right set of core competencies.

Over the past two years, we’ve invested some $100,000 in a competency assessment, revision of the textbooks, introduction of process mapping and instructionally designed on-line delivery; investments needed to ensure these two courses and the Certificate program stay relevant and the best bang for every student’s buck. CIFFA’s strong financial foundation, built bit by bit over the past decades, combined with the commitment of a dedicated National Board of Directors and a professional Secretariat staff, delivers training that is relevant.  Forty years on, our Certificate grads set the standard for vocational training – in Canada and around the world.

If you are an employee working in the ‘global freight logistics’ sector register for the training you need, and look for your picture in the grad event photos next June.  If you are an employer, consider those of your employees deserving of an investment in their future – these individuals will provide your bench strength in the future.   We should all be proud of the vocational training we’ve built together, and grateful that we can continue to deliver the CIFFA Certificate program.