CIFFA champions industry sector rights. The Association represents a common front for the international freight forwarding industry with government, non-government organizations, carriers and other stakeholders both nationally and internationally

Through dedicated volunteers on national committees, the association gathers input and expert opinions from across the country.  Committee members spend countless hours providing stakeholder input to government bodies as they implement regulatory and legislative change.  CIFFA provides an effective and representational voice at all levels of government – to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Transport Canada on issues affecting Air Cargo Security and the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  Increasingly complex regulatory requirements, such as the CBSA’s new eManifest program and container examination policies, demand vigilance and continuous attention to improving the processes.  CIFFA delivers industry perspective to regulators, ports and airports, and carriers in all modes.

CIFFA also plays an important role in improving the movement of marine cargo in Canada where issues relating to capacity and capabilities are front and centre.  Port congestion and delays to the movement of containers add untold millions of dollars to the cost of Canada’s international trade.  Respectful dialogue with port authorities, carrier associations and other stakeholders bring improvements to Canada’s trade.

Participation in several international forums ensures Canada’s voice is heard on an international stage. For example, CIFFA is a member of Swiss headquartered FIATA—the largest transportation NGO in the world—and provides input on many policy areas. Whether we are reviewing the UCP600 re-written by the International Chamber of Commerce, or participating in a forum on the new UNCITRAL Convention for the Carriage of Goods by Sea, CIFFA members are involved, speaking for Canada’s global traders.

We take information from many sources, analyze it, hone it down to the essential elements and share the critical essence to members. We supply timely and targeted information through daily advisory eBulletins that contain the latest industry news; a bi-annual magazine “The Forwarder” that shares thought provoking articles and perspectives; and an interactive website. Demonstrating Leadership through Advocacy, CIFFA is Helping Canadians do Business with the World.


CIFFA is not a law firm and does not have any lawyer or any other person qualified to give legal advice on staff.  CIFFA offers its Members general guidance and assistance based on the collected experience of its Members and staff, and does so gratuitously and without liability for loss or damage of any kind for the use or misuse of this information, even if the loss or damage is caused or contributed to by CIFFA’s own negligence or the negligence of its employees.


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