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CIFFA STCs 2024 (English)

January 02, 2024

Please note that the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions may only be used by current CIFFA Regular Members of the Association. Check to see if your Service Provider is a Member. Updated January 2024.

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Member Resources January 02, 2024

L’Entente générale sur l’Agence (AGA) et la procuration de l’ACIC de l’ATIC sont une exigence légale de l’Agence des services frontaliers du Canada (ASFC) qui permet à un courtier en douane de faire des affaires pour le compte d’un importateur. Sans un original au dossier de l’ASFC, un courtier en douane ne peut légalement agir à titre de courtier importateur ou dédouaner ses marchandises à la frontière. Le document ci-présent a été préparé pour s’harmoniser avec les changements apportés à la réglementation ) de l’ASFC dans le cadre de l’initiative numérique de gestion des cotisations et des recettes (GCR) de cette agence gouvernementale.

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Member Resources January 02, 2024

The CIFFA General Agency Agreement (GAA) and Power of Attorney is a legal requirement of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) which allows a customs broker to conduct business on behalf of an importer. Without an original on file with the CBSA, a Customs Broker cannot legally act as an importer broker or clear their goods at the border. This document has been prepared to align with changes to regulations under CBSA’s Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) digital initiative.

CIFFA STCs 2024 (French)

CIFFA STCs January 02, 2024

Veuillez noter que les conditions de trading standard CIFFA ne peuvent être utilisées que par les membres réguliers actuels CIFFA de l’Association. Vérifiez si votre fournisseur de services est un membre. Mis à jour en janvier 2024.

FIATA Electronic Contracting Best Practice Guide

Resources December 11, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, it is increasingly commonplace for logistics providers to conduct agreements of contracts, partly or wholly by electronic or digital means. FIATA have prepared this best practices document to address the relevant point of whether digital contracts are valid, binding and enforceable. It takes into account various practices around the world from a global perspective, with Canada being added as an appendix at the end.

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Broker Carrier Contract for CIFFA

Member Resources October 27, 2023

A Freight Broker – Carrier Service Agreement is an important document for establishing clear expectations and responsibilities between the parties, ensuring a smooth and lawful operation within the logistics and transportation industry. The CIFFA document is a legal agreement outlining the specific terms and conditions of the working relationship between the carrier and freight broker.

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CIFFA International House Bill of Lading

Member Resources October 26, 2023

A House Bill of Lading (HBL) is a BOL created by an Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI), such as a freight forwarder or non-vessel operating company (NVOCC), and is issued to the supplier once the cargo has been received.  The HBL is an essential document in shipping, as it’s the formal acknowledgment of the receipt of goods being shipped.