Our Association

We are here to represent and support Canada’s Trade & Logistics member firms.

Whatever your role in the movement of goods, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association is important. Whether you’re a freight forwarder, freight broker, customs broker, warehouse operator or drayage operator, we offer support, advocacy and the stature of our world-class CIFFA brand. To a shipper or importer, we provide a list of highly professional supply chain companies, all of whom operate using CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions. To the providers of goods and services and to carriers in all modes, we facilitate access to some 300+ regular member firms.

Our History

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association was founded September 1948 in Montreal. It was started by a small group of freight forwarders who saw a need to create an industry association to meet the professional demands of its members. Their original goals were simple:

  • To support and protect the industry and its workers with uniform trade practices and regulations
  • To establish rules for proper arbitration between members and others
  • To deal with all questions affecting the interests of foreign freight forwarders at large
  • To represent the industry in Parliament

While we have certainly grown and evolved, those founding principles still remain today.

Arnon Melo headshot

A Note from our President

“I am honoured to have been appointed the President of the Board of Directors for CIFFA on May 10, 2023. It is with great enthusiasm that I step into this role, fully aware of the immense responsibility that comes with it.

"I am committed to upholding the principles that CIFFA stands for, and I pledge to devote myself to the continued success of the association.

“I want to thank all of our members for the opportunity to represent you as the President of CIFFA’s Board of Directors. I look forward to the ongoing work to raise our industry’s profile, and I hope to see all of you at our networking events.”

Arnon Melo - CIFFA President

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CIFFA’s Code of Ethics

Every CIFFA Regular member pledges to abide by this professional code of conduct, which states:

  • The CIFFA member must discharge its duties with honesty and integrity.
  • The CIFFA member pledges a standard of competence to perform in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner, services undertaken on the client’s behalf.
  • The CIFFA member pledges to hold in strict confidence, all information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and the affairs of its client. No such information is to be divulged unless authorized by the client, or required by law.
  • The CIFFA member agrees to observe all relevant laws of Canada regarding the movement of goods entrusted to them.
  • The CIFFA member owes a duty not to withdraw services, except for good cause, and upon appropriate notice.
  • The CIFFA Member agrees to incorporate the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions (STC’s), or conditions no less onerous than the CIFFA STC’s, onto all client quotations and contracts.

Failure to comply with the CIFFA Code of Ethics may result in suspension or cancellation of membership.