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Membership Comparison

For companies that provide freight forwarding, load broker, and carter/drayage services
Benefit from education, local and international advocacy, communications, networking, scholarship opportunities, FIATA membership and cost-savings programs
Held to standards for CIFFA trading conditions, training, procuring insurance and business ethics
Annual fees from $1250
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For other companies that relate to our field, but don’t offer freight forwarding, load broker or carter/drayage services 
Benefit from communications, networking and cost-savings programs
Annual fees from $770
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Professional Freight Forwarder
For individuals who have completed all mandatory educational requirements, have 5 years multimodal experience, and are employed in logistics
Benefits include individual membership in the association, industry recognition, access to all vital CIFFA communications, member pricing on education and events, individual recognition in the CIFFA membership directory
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Who is regular membership for?

Companies that provide logistics, importing and exporting services

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About Regular Membership

Join an association that will elevate your brand, keep you informed and educated, and represent your best interests on the national and global stage. 

Who is an Associate Membership for?

Companies that work with freight forwarders, load brokers, and carter/drayage companies, such as transportation providers, customs brokers, lawyers, port authorities, etc.

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About Associate Membership

Join CIFFA for your opportunity to expand your customer base with world-class freight forwarders, load brokers, and carter/drayage companies. Stay up to date with the industry and cost-saving programs.

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