CIFFA’s Pre-Budget Submission

Letters February 26, 2024

CIFFA has submitted, to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, a pre-budget document outlining our key priorities for the upcoming Federal Budget.

As we approach the next federal budget, our industry is experiencing reduced volumes of freight, owing to a decline in consumer demand due to inflation. The very severe human resource problems which afflicted the shipping sector following the Covid pandemic have somewhat declined, as a result. We see rising investor caution across our sector.

We have often stated that Canada’s supply chains are fragile at best, and frequently nearly broken. There has been ample evidence to support this over the last several years as environmental disasters, a pandemic, labour issues and infrastructure woes, not to mention geopolitical factors, contributed to that fragility.

But as the concept of a fluid supply chain becomes more recognized and championed for its contribution to our country’s GDP, productivity and reputation as a trading nation, we are hopeful that things will improve over the long term for Canadian consumers and businesses.

The Supply Chain Office created by this government is a good indicator that the role of a strong supply chain is supported.

We cannot ignore the weak spots, including the current labour environment, continued climate shocks and an economy with tightened monetary controls. And so we await with great anticipation a budget which recognizes these constraints and addresses concrete solutions. (Read full text)