Every year, FIATA organized and the TT Club sponsored the Young Logistics Professional Award to encourage and nurture passion of the young talents representing all sectors of the industry, whatever their specialization.

In line with FIATA’s guidelines, every year CIFFA puts forward the best Canadian candidate to compete for this award.

The competition advances in three stages:

Stage 1: the Canadian round – interested applicants:

After meeting all the above requirements, the applicants will receive the topic for a dissertation and instructions for its completion. The deadline for submitting the completed dissertation is mid-January. CIFFA’s panel of subject-matter experts mark all submitted dissertations and select an overall winner. The winner receives a CA $1,500.00 cash prize and a digital award that can be shared on social media.

Stage 2: the Regional round (Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia):

Stage 3: the Global round – the four Regional winners:

The Global winner is announced after all four presentations are completed. The winner receives an international certificate, a trophy, one-week practical industry experience in Hong Kong, London or New Jersey, one-week academic training in the TT Club’s Head Office in London, and one-year free subscription to the International Transport Journal in English, French or German.

Scholarships in the amount of $3,000 are awarded to two individuals each year. Scholarships are paid in two installments of $1,500 during the first and second years of study. Applications are accepted between June and August each year. Winners are announced at the September National Board of Directors meeting.

The George Kuhn Education Award is presented to the students who have achieved the highest marks in the FIATA Diploma Course – Advanced Freight Services (Formerly the Advanced Certificate Courses). The highest grade is based on the completion of the Advanced Freight Services course. Consideration for this award is given to each region in Canada.

Mr. Kuhn was CIFFA’s President from 1982 to 1983 and CIFFA’s Executive Director from 1999 to 2006 after an accomplished career in the international transportation industry in his native Switzerland, later in England, France, United States and Japan. He pioneered the creation of the CIFFA education programs in the early 1980s, complete with the Dangerous Goods courses and various workshops. Mr. Kuhn passed away November 11, 2019, leaving a vast legacy in our industry.

The Job Nicolai Award is presented to select students enrolled directly with CIFFA who have achieved the highest average grade in the CIFFA Certificate Courses. The average grade is based on the combination of the International Transportation and Trade, and Essentials of Freight Forwarding courses. Consideration for this award is given to each region in Canada.

Mr. Job Nicolai was a Central Region Lecturer in the early 1990s before CIFFA e-learning was developed. To be able to offer education through correspondence to students outside the main learning centres, Mr. Nicolai came up with the idea of developing exercises to go along with each chapter in the CIFFA International Freight Forwarding Courses. When Mr. Nicolai died, CIFFA introduced the Job Nicolai Award in his honour.

This award is granted annually in memory of CIFFA former President Donna Letterio, who passed away in August 2013. The award recognizes a woman in the global freight logistics sector who has demonstrated professionalism, commitment, leadership and a passion for excellence in her career and in her life, as Donna did.

The award is open to any woman in international freight forwarding, transportation or global logistics who demonstrates excellence in the following criteria.

Professionalism: Highlights of the candidate’s career. Emphasis should be placed on her education, training, designations and, perhaps most importantly, business accomplishments.

Commitment: How has the candidate demonstrated a commitment to the industry, her colleagues, her career, her customers or her family? She should provide examples from volunteer or mentorship activities, board appointments, community building or ideas that were implemented for success or family life.

Leadership: How has the candidate influenced others? Specific examples should show her as a boss, a role model, as an advocate for the industry or for a cause.