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This workshop provides an overview of environmental sustainability principles and practices and the responsibility we have to lessen the impact of the industry on the environment, with the focus on the freight industry.
This workshop provides an overview of the application of the force majeure clause in contracts, as well as a comparison with other clauses, such as general average, hardship or frustration.  As the force majeure clause removes parties to a contract from liability for unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances that prevent them from fulfilling their obligations under the contract, this information will help the participants understand how important it is to include it in contracts to minimize risks to the parties to the contract while protecting their rights and obligations. 
This workshop provides an overview of the application of the U.S. Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act and its relevance to Canadian companies, as well as the Canadian laws targeting to eradicate forced labour and child labour from Canadian supply chains, to ensure Canadian companies do not contribute to human right abuses. This information will give the participants the knowledge needed so that they can provide added value to their customers and help them navigate through these rules, while minimizing their financial and reputational risks of non-compliance.
This workshop provides an online workplace simulation where emergent professionals learn and apply essentials human skills that are most valued by employers.  It consists of three self-paced tiers, each of them 3 hours in length. 
This workshop provides an overview of the role, types and functions of the marine bill of lading, describes the endorsement and distribution processes of the bill of lading and the risks related to export and import shipments.