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Authorized Cargo Representative (ACR)

Learn how to handle cargo destined for air transport in a “secure” environment.

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Course Description

This course is for professionals with assigned air cargo security duties, with the need, right and qualifications to access air cargo, such as accepting and tendering cargo, delivering or validating shipments. Learn how to handle cargo destined for air transport in a “secure” environment, how to recognize and respond to air cargo that has been tampered with, and how to restore a secure environment for air cargo.


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Who is this for?

Participants in Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program

This course is for employees of organizations who are applicants or existing participants in Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security program including regulated agents, certified agents and known consignors.

What you'll learn

  • Air Cargo Security Roles and Responsibilities
  • Defining Vulnerability, Threats and Risks
  • Basic Identification of Unauthorized Weapons, Explosives, Incendiaries & CBRNs
  • Identification and Response to Threats
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Access and Tampering
  • Security Incident Reporting
  • Air Cargo Security Plan Basic Requirements for ACRs

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