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Cargo Security Co-ordinator (CSC) Initial

A Cargo Security Coordinator (CSC) is known as:  “A senior company representative who has the responsibility and authority to manage air cargo security issues and to liaise with Transport Canada as necessary.”

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Course Description

This course is for new Cargo Security Coordinators (CSC) or for those who need refresher training. It trains and certifies senior company representatives with authority to manage air cargo security issues and to liaise with Transport Canada, as necessary. By the end, the CSC should know how to be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance and administration of the Cargo Security Plan for single or multiple sites.


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Who is this for?

Freight Forwarding Managers

Management personnel of companies in the supply chain, dealing with air cargo. These designated representatives of your company must have the authority to implement air cargo security procedures.

Participants in Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program

This course is for employees of organizations who are applicants or existing participants in Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security program including regulated agents, certified agents and known consignors.

What you'll learn

  • ACSP Application Process
  • Vulnerability, Threat and Risk
  • Identification of Unauthorized Weapons, Explosives/Incendiaries and CBRNs
  • Identification and Response to Threats
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Access and Tampering
  • Security Incident Reporting
  • Cargo Security Plan Requirements
  • Security Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

I completed my Cargo Security Coordinator course, when will I receive my certificate?
The Cargo Security Coordinator certificate and pass letter are printed and sent by regular mail. Please allow for 10 to 14 days for the certificate to arrive.
What do I require to take this course?
Previous training and experience as an Authorized Cargo Representative (ACR) is recommended before taking on the role of a CSC.

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