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Essentials of Freight Forwarding

Learn about commercial documents and regulatory compliance, export packaging, transportation of dangerous goods, how to devise alternative transport solutions for clients, and properly cost and quote on a shipment, and how buyers and sellers manage risk with a variety of international payment methods and cargo insurance.

We recommend that you consider registering for this course after you have completed the International Transportation and Trade course.

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Course Description

This course comprises the following topics: commercial documentation and regulatory compliance, international payments, export packaging and warehousing, cargo insurance, cargo security and dangerous goods, costing and quoting and alternative transport solutions. Successful candidates must pass one or two exams, depending on whether the virtual classroom or on-demand option is selected.

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Who is this for?

People seeking a new career in freight forwarding and logistics

If you are new to freight forwarding or you work in a role where understanding the basics will help with clients or operations, this course is for you.

People seeking career fulfillment

If you currently work in global logistics and supply chain and want to work toward international recognition or a professional freight forwarder designation, this course is the first step.

What you'll learn

  • How to complete the commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and export declaration for a shipment
  • The Canadian regulatory requirements for importing and exporting goods
  • The most frequently used methods of international payment settlement and their risks and benefits for the parties involved in the transaction
  • Roles of the parties involved in the successful execution of a documentary collection and letter of credit
  • The contents and relevance of the Articles contained in the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) 600
  • How to identify types and suitability of packaging for shipments moved by all modes of transport
  • Types of warehouses available and their layout and design
  • Types of cargo insurance coverage available, how to calculate the insurance premium and handle an insurance claim
  • How to devise shipping alternatives for clients
  • How to prepare a quotation for multimodal movements
  • How to identify security weaknesses in the supply chain
  • How to identify, classify, label, package and document dangerous goods shipments
  • The objective of advance freight data submission and how to ensure compliance with eManifest in all modes of transport

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