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International Transportation and Trade

Learn the foundations of freight forwarding in the context of international trade, how to manage risks by selecting the appropriate Incoterm® for a shipment, how to calculate freight charges and load shipments, and the types of equipment and documentation used to move goods by land, air and ocean modes of transport.

We recommend that you consider completing this course first, before registering for the Essentials of Freight Forwarding course, if you don’t already have an understanding of the above topics.

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Course Description

Learn about truck, rail, air and ocean transportation and the geography over which goods move. Incoterms® 2020 rules outline the transfer of costs and risks as the goods are transported from seller to buyer.

Course Locations and Times
Location: Date:
Online On DemandStart Anytime.
Online Virtual ClassroomSep 03, 2024


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Non-Member Price: $690.00
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Who is this for?

People seeking a new career in freight forwarding and logistics

If you are new to freight forwarding or you work in a role where understanding the basics will help with clients or operations, this course is for you.

People seeking career fulfillment

If you currently work in global logistics and supply chain and want to work toward international recognition or a professional freight forwarder designation, this course is the first step.

What you'll learn

  • Duties of the CIFFA freight forwarder and the articles of the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions
  • Major parties involved in an international trade movement
  • Transportation geography and routing
  • Types of equipment used in all modes of transport
  • How to calculate chargeable weight for all modes of transport
  • How to calculate transportation charges for all modes of transport
  • How to complete transportation documentation
  • How to calculate profit and loss on a shipment
  • How to calculate the number and type of air and ocean freight containers required for a shipment
  • The Incoterms® rules contained in the latest version of the International Chamber of Commerce publication of Incoterms® 2020

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