CIFFA partners with Pledge on Sustainability Initiatives

Press Release May 28, 2024

TORONTO, May 24, 2024. – CIFFA has partnered with Pledge, an organization which will support CIFFA members with its sustainability expertise. As part of the agreement, CIFFA will embed the Pledge Freight Emissions Calculator into its website, granting members the chance to trial Pledge’s carbon emissions calculation capabilities without needing to sign up to the Pledge platform. “Pledge is committed to providing emissions measurement and reporting solutions to freight forwarders across the globe,” said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder, Pledge.

Pledge’s calculator allows users to trial Pledge’s leading carbon emissions technology, helping them understand their customers’ freight emissions across various transport modes, globally.

“We are proud to partner with Pledge to further our commitment to our members and support their initiatives to maximise positive sustainable outcomes,” said Bruce Rodgers, Executive Director, CIFFA.

“Through this relationship, CIFFA will provide its members with educational sustainability tools and solutions to assist in the tracking, analysis, and reporting of environmental metrics.”

To ensure a precise and comprehensive emissions calculation, users can add more shipment details, including stopovers, transshipments, and specific vessel codes.

Pledge’s Freight Emissions Calculator can be found on the CIFFA website here.