CIFFA Professional Freight Forwarder Recognition

Forwarder Online June 21, 2021

Obtaining and maintaining a professional designation is a worthy achievement and something that any individual can be proud of. Professional Freight Forwarder (PFF) designates are recognized as ‘Individual Members’ of the association. CIFFA would like to recognize these individuals.

Current PFFs have not only met education and work-experience requirements, they also contribute to the industry by sitting on working groups and committees, representing freight forwarders at events and trade shows and contributing to overall promotion of the global freight logistics sector. They make a point of continuing to learn throughout their careers and are required to maintain personal and professional development through conferences, seminars, and classes.

Being recognized as an industry professional – an authority – is a career booster. And the more professionals we can boast, the more the freight forwarding industry can be both an important element of the supply chain sector and a desired career option.


Last Name

First Name

Alcime Mederick-Philippe
Allen Louise
Altomare Gianfranco (John)
Altomare Tony
Amso Hakob
Apolaya Calderon Carmen
Balakrishnan Veera Raghavan
Banderova Biliana
Belbin Enos
Bhavsar Aruna
Cant Wendy
Capolupo Jonathan
Castillo Wilfrid
Chan Joe
Chazin Theodore
Corber Sheldon
Couroux Denis
Courtney Paul
Da Silva Antonio
Danielsen Vagn Greve
Dennis Jill
Devendran Vijayalakshmi
Dhami Satnam
Fernandes Hubert
Fragomeni Joe
Gallacher Kimberly
Gazen Jeffrey
Glionna Michael
Glionna Mark
Glionna Paul
Gregory Mark
Guy Robert
Harper Natasha
Hartwell Amy
Hess Gerald
Hickey Sharon
Horan Patricia
Hudakoc James
Iachetta – Gignac Anna
Ignacio Rica
Kanwar Aseem
Klassen Rob
Knisely Kent
Kohli Harmeet
Kpalem Jimmy
Kundra Sachin
Lai Winnie
Lee Rong Fen (Maria)
Lee Gloria
Legler Karl-Heinz
Liu Zhanhong (Cathy)
Loffredi Angelo
Long Michael
Lychek David
Mazereeuw Barbara
Nandin Jose
Olafson Robin
Patel Chirag
Paule Julieta
Pazmino Gustavo
Pereira Benny
Pietramala Donna
Pine Rose
Qian Joanna
Risch Robert (Bob)
Robinson Desmond
Roche Deborah
Rodgers Bruce
Romano Alicia
Ruiz Maria Cristina
San Buenaventura Floro Fides
Sanghvi Jasmine
Schwerdt Peter
Sil Kim Young
Singh Jessie
Singroy Arlene
Snowden Ruth
Sohail Sabah
Sousa Petrina
Southcott Shauna
St.Croix Bonnie
Strange Roberta
Suter Marc
Syed Rashid
Thomson Blair Douglas
Torres Carlos
Tsang Kwong Yum (Albert)
Vanloo-Legault Jonathan
Wahab Ray
Wicke Uwe
Wong Shun Yin Alex
Wong Sueann
Zhen Tony