CIFFA Selects 2024 Canadian Young Logistics Professionals Award Winner

Forwarder Online February 01, 2024

Every year, CIFFA offers an award to a young freight forwarder who best demonstrates industry knowledge and skills to become a true international freight forwarding professional in the future.

After a review process of industry experience and a written dissertation demonstrating technical knowledge, CIFFA is pleased to announce that Rashaad Francisco D’Gama Rose of DSV Global Transport and Logistics has been selected as the 2024 Canadian Young Logistics Professionals Award winner.

Rashaad studied Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Mohawk College and Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics at Seneca College.  He also holds the FIATA Diploma.  Before joining the DSV Global Transport and Logistics team two years ago, where he currently holds the position of business support specialist, Rashaad had indirect logistics experience working in sales and customer service for manufacturers and distributors.  Being conscious of the impact of the logistics industry on the environment, he is passionate about balancing environmental and fiscal sustainability in the industry.  As his career progresses, Rashaad hopes to advocate for policies which are designed to reduce the carbon footprint by using sustainable fuels, supply chain optimization, mode shift and renewable energy in buildings, while ensuring the growth of the world economy.

Rashaad decided to participate in the Young Logistics Professional (YLP) competition because he’s truly passionate about researching the various complexities of supply chain management. This competition challenged him to look at the current circumstances of global freight forwarding through the perspective of every stakeholder. This subsequently presented him with the unique opportunity to network within the DSV organization to gain hands-on experience as he developed the argument for his dissertation. His findings from CIFFA and FIATA also significantly influenced his decision, as he was empowered with practical tools, educational materials, and the expertise of several logistics professionals throughout our programs. His participation in the YLP competition delivered much more than a chance to write a dissertation. He gained a valuable opportunity to speak with the most knowledgeable freight forwarders of our industry to gain insights as to how we can keep the flow of our global supply chain moving.

As this year’s Canadian winner, Rashaad will receive a cash prize of $1,500 and will represent Canada at the FIATA Americas regional competition.  This requires the submission of two dissertations.  If selected as the Americas regional winner, Rashaad will compete at the 2024 FIATA World Congress in Panama City, Panama in the fall.  His registration fees, hotel accommodation costs during the Congress and travel costs of up to US $1,000 will be covered by the TT Club and FIATA.

Additionally, CIFFA would like to acknowledge the good efforts and exceptional work of the Young Logistics Professionals Award competition runner up, Dhiraj Kochar.  Dhiraj has been working in the logistics industry for 3 years and currently holds the position of pricing analyst at DSV Air & Sea, where he began as a trainee.  Although Dhiraj holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, which laid the foundation for his career, his passion lies in logistics, freight forwarding and supply chain management.  Dhiraj has received the FIATA Diploma and has completed a post-graduate education in supply chain and project management.  At DSV he has had the privilege of working across multiple departments and collaborate with DSV offices in various cities.  Dhiraj’s outgoing nature complements his skills of effective communication, customer service, teamwork and analytical thinking.

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