CIFFA Scholarship Program

Applications are accepted from June to August every year.


CIFFA’s primary purposes are to lead the industry by providing education, advocacy and membership opportunities to the community.


The objectives of the CIFFA Scholarship program are to:

  • Promote higher learning in international trade, logistics and commerce.
  • Increase awareness of freight forwarding as a career among children of CIFFA Regular Members’ employees.
  • Support the children of CIFFA Regular Members’ employees in achieving higher learning designations.

For example, if your child has been accepted into a General BA program, without indicating a Major in one of our targeted areas of study, it is possible that a more suitable candidate will apply – one who has applied in one of our targeted areas of study – and therefore would be scored higher than someone in a general program. If, however, your child has been accepted into a program such as a Bachelor of Commerce, or a Bachelor of Arts with an International Relations/ Business/Logistics/ Commerce/Geography etc. major or area of concentration; or has been accepted into a college program in International Trade or Freight Forwarding or Logistics – even though the student will take general courses for the first year or two – that student will score higher on the matrix.

There is no question that CIFFA’s intention is to promote international freight forwarding or, if you prefer, ‘global supply chain logistics’ as a career of choice among students. Our industry needs engaged, intelligent, highly educated workers to lead us into the future. Our Scholarship program was designed to help get us there.


The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to disburse funds annually to children of CIFFA Regular Member employees who are pursuing higher learning in an accredited Canadian college or university.


  • Child of an employee in good standing of a CIFFA Regular Member company as of June 1st of the award year.
  • Letter of employment certifying permanent full time or permanent part time employment of parent at least 20 hours/week signed by an officer of the company.
  • Student entering any year of undergraduate or graduate studies at an accredited Canadian college or university.
  • Final High school/previous year’s transcripts showing marks as of June 30th of the award year.
  • Three letters of reference from employer, teacher, coach, charitable organization, or other.
  • Resume outlining volunteer activities, interests, part-time work etc.
  • Enrolled in international trade, logistics or business course leading to a diploma or degree. (any year of study – first/second/third).
  • Submission of a 500 word essay entitled, “The Value of Higher Education”
  • Confirmation letter of acceptance from a post secondary institution.


Annual scholarships are awarded as determined by the National Board of Directors and on the recommendation of the Executive Director at each November Board Meeting for the subsequent year.  (Annual budgets will consider scholarships) Scholarships are in the amount of $3,000 and will be awarded to two individuals each year. Scholarships are paid in two installments of $1500 during the first and second years of study. The scholarships are advertised in The Forwarder and in the CIFFA eBulletin from April – July each year.  Applications will be accepted between June and August each year. Applications are forwarded to an adjudication committee, comprised of at least three directors from the national board, with one director from each of the three Regions. This committee will review material, score essays and determine the winner(s).  Winners are announced at the September National Board of Directors meeting.

Winners must agree to use their photo for promotional purposes.


  1. CIFFA will budget the award amount as determined by the National Board of Directors each year (minimum $3,000) from general operating funds to support this annual scholarship.
  2. A portion of net proceeds from all Regional networking events (Golf tournaments, FCA dinners etc.) is directed to funding the CIFFA Scholarship program.

An important aspect of this program is the concept of ‘giving back’ to community.  If CIFFA Members know that the fees they pay to attend golf tournaments or FCA events contribute towards the promotion of educational excellence, they will have a ‘good feeling’ about their participation.   Regional Committees may choose to advertise that ‘a portion of net proceeds’ of events supports educational excellence — CIFFA’s Scholarship Program.  Regional Committees may decide to hold additional ‘fund raising’ within existing events – such as raffles, closest to the pin, etc. to raise money specifically in support of the CIFFA Scholarship Program.

List of CIFFA scholarship winners:

Joshua Furtado

Rebecca Hicks

2019 Schenker of Canada Limited

Cole International

Ms. Mansi Jigneshkumar Sheth 2018 Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.
Mr. Lance Leslie Pereira 2017 Milgram International Shipping
Mr. Nicholas Loffredi and

Ms. Fathima Bushra Zaheer

2016 Traffic Tech International Inc.

Overseas Express Consolidators (Toronto) Inc.

Mr. Richard Chu and

Ms. Shu Jin Zhao

2015 Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.

Pentagon Freight services Canada Ltd.

Ms. Lina Maria Alvarez Jaramillo 2014 Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.
Ms. Natalia Lazerevic 2013 Milgram & Company Ltd.
Ms. Kelsey Webb 2012 Mathers Logistics
Ms. Kristina Roche 2011 PF Collins International Trade Solutions
Ms. Fatin Ishraq Chowdhury 2010 Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.