Dangerous Goods

CIFFA is proud to be the source for all of your Dangerous Goods Training needs. We offer in-class courses across the country, as well as online learning for those with busy schedules. CIFFA Dangerous Goods Training is accredited by IATA and ICAO, and complies with all IMDG and Transport Canada requirements, where applicable.

All of our courses are interactive and use case studies to simulate on-the-job scenarios encountered by freight forwarders who ship dangerous goods. Any person who handles, offers for transport or transports dangerous goods is required to take training commensurate with their position.

Air Dangerous Goods –        

CIFFA offers initial training for those who are new to Air DG, as well as recurrent training for those who require recertification every two years. The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations is the principal resource for this course. It’s designed for freight forwarders, but can be taken by shippers and operators.

IATA and ICAO Air DG Courses

Certificate: A Class 6 Certificate from FIATA/ICAO is provided upon successful completion of an exam.

Ocean Dangerous Goods –     

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Dangerous Goods Code specifies the requirements that must be followed. A thorough knowledge of dangerous goods must be obtained before you move dangerous goods by ship. This self-paced online course can be taken by initial and recurrent students.

Shipping of Dangerous Goods by Sea Courses:

Certificate: Provided upon successful completion of an exam.

Road Dangerous Goods –

CIFFA Online Road Dangerous Goods, TDG Training provides certification for the transport of dangerous goods by land.

The material in this course covers all required objectives as set out by Transport Canada.

Certificate: A certificate is provided on completion of an exam that will require a signature from both learner and employer.

Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air

Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air is extremely common, yet it is a complicated process guided by ever-changing regulations.

IATA requires that any person preparing or offering cells or batteries for transport must receive adequate instructions on these regulations commensurate with their responsibilities. This short online course is an ideal complement to the Air DG

Category 6 training, or as a standalone course for anyone who occasionally ships “Section II” lithium batteries.

Certificate: A certificate of completion is provided for this course, but it does not authorize the learner to ship Section I lithium batteries by air. 

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

This intensive WHMIS 2015 course is designed specifically for supervisors, managers and owners to better understand the transition to the new GHS System. Topics covered include: GHS, Training and Education, Health and Safety,

Classification, Labels and Pictograms, Safety Data Sheets, Special Situations, and Rights and Responsibilities.

Certificate: A certificate of completion of WHMIS 2015