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FIATA Diploma Course – Advanced Freight Services

CIFFA is a member of FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association and is authorized to offer the FIATA international diploma. This course is the third and final course required to complete the FIATA International Diploma. This diploma is recognized by FIATA members in over 100 countries, and FIATA represents an industry of 40,000 logistics firms worldwide.

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Course Description

Moving beyond the ordinary, the FIATA Diploma Advanced Freight Services course explores the subjects of project cargo and air and ocean chartering. An extensive portion is devoted to customs and regulatory compliance, leading students through the topic of transportation law and legal liability, including CIFFA’s Standard Trading Conditions. Successful completion of this course along with the CIFFA Certificate prerequisite will qualify the learner to apply for an internationally recognized FIATA Diploma.

Course Locations and Times
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Who is this for?

People seeking a career in freight forwarding and logistics

If you’re in logistics and supply chain or if knowledge of freight services will benefit your clients or operations, this course is for you.

People seeking career advancement and fulfillment

If you currently work in freight forwarding and want to upgrade your skills and earn international industry recognition as a Professional Freight Forwarder, this course is the first step.

What you'll learn

  • Types of ships, their use, and types of cargo they carry
  • Types of marine terminals, their operation and equipment used
  • Key aspects of chartering a vessel and types of charter available
  • Why and how to charter an aircraft
  • How projects are handled and how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Customs processes, voluntary compliance and doing business with the CBSA
  • Structure of the Harmonized System (HS)
  • Customs release systems and accounting process
  • Benefits of Customs programs, e.g., CSA, ACI
  • The meaning of “law” and “legal liability” and the sources of law in Canada
  • Areas regulated by federal and provincial governments
  • International conventions relevant to international transportation
  • Elements of a binding contract and available remedies
  • Obligations, roles and responsibilities of the customer and the freight forwarder under the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions
  • Insurance matters and risk management
  • Supply chain as the flow of information, products and funds
  • Complexities and leading changes in logistics
  • Technology in supply chain and how it enables and enhances decision making
  • Benefits and challenges of global supply chains

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are required to obtain the FIATA Diploma?
International Transportation and Trade, Essentials of Freight Forwarding, and this course, Advanced Freight Services.
How do I apply for my FIATA Diploma?
Upon successful completion of the FIATA Diploma course and its prerequisites, the student must complete an application form and submit to CIFFA, which CIFFA will submit to FIATA on their behalf. FIATA is solely responsible for approving and administering its diploma. Completed applications should be sent to
Is there an additional fee to apply for the FIATA diploma?
CIFFA covers the cost of the FIATA E-Diploma. You can print this on your own, or pay a fee of $220 for a hardcopy version from FIATA.
How long does the process take?
60 days, but in our experience the e-diploma is issued sooner.
Do I have to do more coursework for the FIATA Diploma?
As long as you have already completed International Transportation and Trade, and Essentials of Freight Forwarding, completion of this course requires no further course work.

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