CIFFA Certificate and FIATA Diploma Courses

Learn the essentials required of a professional freight forwarder, understand what it takes to move freight efficiently and satisfy your clients.  All courses are conveniently offered online, either on-demand where you can start anytime, or in a scheduled virtual class.

What Freight Forwarders need to know

We work in a complex industry. Freight Forwarders need to plan and execute shipments by land, air and ocean, understand routes, rates and carrier options. They also need to be able to accurately quote, arrange shipments and manage transportation documentation. Our courses will teach you all of these skills, including how to work with shippers, consignees, carriers, warehouses, packaging companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

FIATA diploma and CIFFA certificate Bundle

The FIATA Diploma Bundle provides you savings and access to International Transportation and Trade, Essentials of Freight Forwarding, and the FIATA Diploma Course – Advanced Freight Services. Successful completion of all three courses will grant you a CIFFA Certificate, and offers eligibility to apply for the FIATA diploma. Choose to complete the courses at your own pace, or with a scheduled virtual class and instructor. Contact to learn more and register.

CIFFA Certificate and FIATA Diploma Courses

Skill Level: Novice, Intermediate
Time: 180-210 hours
Outcome: CIFFA Certificate and FIATA Diploma
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International Transportation and Trade

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Learn the foundations of freight forwarding in the context of international trade, how to manage risks by selecting the appropriate Incoterm® for a shipment, how to calculate freight charges and load shipments, and the types of equipment and documentation used to move goods by land, air and ocean modes of transport. We recommend that you consider completing this course first, before registering for the Essentials of Freight Forwarding course, if you don’t already have an understanding of the above topics.
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Essentials of Freight Forwarding

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Learn about commercial documents and regulatory compliance, export packaging, transportation of dangerous goods, how to devise alternative transport solutions for clients, and properly cost and quote on a shipment, and how buyers and sellers manage risk with a variety of international payment methods and cargo insurance. We recommend that you consider registering for this course after you have completed the International Transportation and Trade course.
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FIATA Diploma Course - Advanced Freight Services

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CIFFA is a member of FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association and is authorized to offer the FIATA international diploma. This course is the third and final course required to complete the FIATA International Diploma. This diploma is recognized by FIATA members in over 100 countries, and FIATA represents an industry of 40,000 logistics firms worldwide.

CIFFA Exam Challenge

The CIFFA Exam Challenge is only available to the employees of our regular members, who have at least 15 years of industry experience. The online exam takes three hours to complete and covers all topics contained in the CIFFA Certificate and FIATA Diploma - Advanced Freight Services courses.

The successful completion of the Exam Challenge, which costs CDN$890, grants the CIFFA Certificate, the eligibility to receive the FIATA Diploma, and a $590 credit towards one of the three CIFFA/Schulich Management courses - all of which lead to achieving the Professional Freight Forwarder (PFF) designation. If a student fails, $590 is applied toward the CIFFA Certificate.

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Which of the two delivery methods (on-demand or virtual class) is best suited for me?

If you are an independent learner with a busy work schedule and are confident and committed to complete the course at your own pace,  we recommend the on-demand delivery option. If you prefer the support of an instructor to help clarify difficult concepts, and you can commit to a weekly scheduled class, then the virtual class is better suited for you.

What learning materials are provided?

  • Access to e-book, which is readable on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Access to online lessons, exercises and exams

When do I start my course and how long is it?

If you choose on-demand, you can start immediately; you are given four months to complete each course. If you choose a virtual class, your course will start in either September or January.  Virtual classes run for 4 months, and offer a weekly, scheduled one-hour evening class with an instructor.

What are the differences between the virtual class delivery and the on-demand delivery?

Each delivery option provides identical course content.  The virtual class provides a weekly scheduled instructor-led class, and a mid-term and a final exam.  The on-demand option does not have scheduled classes, and concludes with one final exam.

About Our Courses

Created by Freight Forwarding experts Icon

Created by Freight Forwarding experts

Our course content is created by specialized experts in all areas of freight forwarding, and is designed to help the learner take advantage of this expertise through lectures, exercises and case studies.
FIATA accredited Icon

FIATA accredited

Every course we offer is accredited by the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations, and works toward a FIATA Diploma and CIFFA Professional Freight Forwarder (PFF) designation.
Convenient and flexible  Icon

Convenient and flexible

We offer two options to suit your schedule. For independent learning at your own pace, we have Online On Demand, which is not supported by an instructor. For a weekly scheduled workshop and interaction with peers, we have our Virtual Classroom, which is taught by a subject matter expert.

What people say

The CIFFA education programs provided me with the knowledge I needed to excel in my job and progress my career.  Working in Sales you need to understand everything from ocean, air and land transportation, customs, terms of trade, so you can make informed decisions for your clients.
Bradley Davis
Director, Route Development, Transpacific Canada - Kuehne + Nagel.
CIFFA’s certificate program covers a wide range of topics and has helped me to identify and understand the various cogs at work with any given shipment. Completing the coursework has helped demonstrate to my employer my commitment to the industry, and has given me the knowledge and skills to identify new opportunities and revenue streams.
Kevin Soyatt
Logistics Coordinator - Cole International Inc.
As a financial analyst, the courses helped me to better understand the logistics business and its challenges, and have been very useful to have better communications and discussions with operations. The training material is very clear, and the instructors were very knowledgeable.
Djamel Budin
Financial Analyst - Bolloré Logistics Canada Inc.
Our commitment to growth and innovation in supply chain and logistics is shared through every level of DSV Canada. Through our partnership with CIFFA, we have built a comprehensive 2-Year Trainee program that develops talent from colleges and university logistics programs across Canada.
Flavia A. Iuston-Blair
Senior Manager, Human Resources, DSV Air & Sea Inc, Canada

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